The Bat! Pro 5.1.6 Final

The Bat! Pro 5.1.6 Final

The Bat! Pro 5.1.6 Final

The Bat! - A popular email client, the program used by more than six million Internet users, the program lets you work with an unlimited number of mailboxes, using powerful filtering messages, message templates, Mail Dispatcher and many more. The Bat! Professional Edition has all the properties version of Home. In addition, this version contains additional options that need advanced users.

Key features:
"Security of Personal Information
"Virus Protection
"Automated Message Processing
"Quick Templates
"Mailing Lists
»Unique park
"Backing Up
"Upgrading and Installation
"Effective Encryption
"Compatibility with Microsoft Exchange
"The national character set
"Address Book
"The interface in 12 languages
"The module image viewer
"Request Form

Rich import from:
»Microsoft Outlook Express v4.xx
»Microsoft Outlook Express v5.0
»Netscape Communicator v4.xx
»Netscape Mail v2.xx/3.xx
»Eudora Lite / Pro
»Pegasus Mail v2.xx or 3.xx

Import address books from the files:
"Business Card VCard
"The text, separated by commas
"Text, tab-delimited
"Address Book The Bat!
"Eudora Address Book
"File-pattern Pegasus

The Bat! Professional is:
"The executable module
"Dictionaries for spell checker
"Multi-language interface
"Possibility for hardware authentication with mail servers
"Encrypt mail database
"Biometric Authentication

Platform: Windows ® XP/Vista/7
Language: ML
Tablet: patch Ru-Board
Size: 11.58 MB

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