cmiVFX - NAIAD Simulating Liquids Volume 2

cmiVFX - NAIAD Simulating Liquids Volume 2

cmiVFX - NAIAD Simulating Liquids Volume 2

In this second volume we are going to analyze more sophisticated NAIAD graphs. With the knowledge acquired in the first Volume and the power of a node based graph editor we will cover topics like fluid targeting, advanced guided ocean and rigid-bodies coupled simulations. In this second volume we are also going to focus on how to render are numbers of particles and meshes through RIB files and freeware software. This is the video you have all been waiting for, so now that you got your feet wet, jump right in!

Short Description - NAIAD Fluid Simulating Volume 2 - Into The Deep
This blockbuster second video release dives deeper into more advanced solution for NAIAD water simulations.

Chapter Descriptions

Chapter 01 - Introduction
• Course overview
• Setting up the “CMI” environment variable for your Naiad demo projects ( Windows )

Chapter 02 - Collisions between particle bodies
• How to setup collisions between 2 particle bodies using the gradient NOP and acceleration fields

Chapter 03 - Naiad Expression Language
• Introduction to the Expression Language
• Built-In Operators and Functions
• Conditional Expressions
• Keyframe Expressions
• Parameter Reference Expressions
• Channel Lookup Expressions
• Field-Input Sampling Expressions

Chapter 04 - Painting attributes for Naiad
• How to Paint attributes on meshes to create custom channels for masks in Naiad

Chapter 05 - Wet Drips
• A fully simulated wet pass with drips

Chapter 06 - City flooding I - Rigid bodies
• How to setup a coupled simulation with rigid-bodies and liquid

Chapter 07 - City flooding II - Rigid bodies
• Multiple rigid bodies setup and couple simulation setup ( special guest : Igor )

Chapter 08 - City flooding III - Splash element
• Splash pass for coupled simulation ( special guest : Igor )

Chapter 09 - City flooding IV - RIB generation and rendering
• How to setup a scene to export the RIBs form naiad and then how to render in Maya using 3delight ( special guest : Igor )

Chapter 10 - The waterman
• How to setup target shapes for liquid simulations
• Apply the targeting setup to an animated object: the waterMan ( special guest : Spark )

Chapter 11 - Boat wakes II: advanced guiding system
• Alternative approach for boat wakes simulation in deep water with an advanced guiding system
• Step by step analysis of assets generations and Naiad graph

Chapter 12 - UpRes Process
• How to gain 75% more resolution from your simulations:
• Decoupling water grid from particles ( FLIP )
• Simulation super-sampling depth
• Extending the thin water simulation to deeper water

Project Contents
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