VFXlearning - Maya Dynamics Level 1

VFXlearning - Maya Dynamics Level 1

VFXlearning - Maya Dynamics Level 1 | 3.49 GB

In this training series we will explore the main areas of the Maya's dynamics engine. We will begin with basic particle emission and we will build up week after week working on more elaborate setups that will showcase the power and versatility of effects animation within Maya. The focus of this course is to teach our students how to analyze a particular effect and determine the most time/cost effective way to achieve it.

We will cover generic effects setups for natural phenomena, deformable geometry and basic crowd behaviors while always aiming towards a solid understanding of the core concepts and how to adapt them to suit a variety of situations. As part of this level our students will work in 3 main assignments both as individuals and in groups.

Topics Covered
*Particle Emission Fundamentals
*Fields & Simulation Fundamentals
*Geometry Replacement (Instancing)
*Particle Caching
*Effects Menu
*Particle Render Types
*Particle Goals & Collisions
*Soft & Rigid Body Effects
*Dynamic Constraints
*Baking simulations
*Particle Rendering Techniques


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