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TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8.0.0 Build 878

Author: Maxo от 21-06-2012, 18:58

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8.0.0 Build 878

TechSmith Camtasia Studio 8.0.0 Build 878

Camtasia Studio - a powerful utility for recording images from the video screen in different formats, you can edit the video, there is a built-in Macromedia Flash (SWF) and video players. Camtasia captures the action and sounds in any part of the Windows-systems and stores the file standard AVI.

19 June, 2012: Camtasia Studio v8.0.0 Major Release
Added the TSC 2 video codec for the ability to record larger dimensions and more graphical content with higher frame rates
Added the ability to have unlimited multimedia tracks on the timeline, enabling the ability to layer multiple different types of media including videos, graphics, images and more on top of each other
Added the ability to group and ungroup items on the timeline
Added the ability to move (animate) any type of media on the timeline over time
Added the ability to set the background canvas color from the Editing Dimen-sions dialog
Added the ability to modify the visual properties of media on the timeline
Added the ability to rotate any media along the X, Y, or Z axis, and to animate the rotation over time
Added the ability to resize any media and to animate the change in size over time
Added Visual Effects including Drop Shadow, Colorize, and Border
Added the ability to apply visual effects to any media on the timeline
Added the ability to adjust Drop Shadow distance, direction, opacity and blur
Added the ability to apply colorize effect to any media and adjust the amount of colorize applied
Added the ability to apply a border to any media and adjust the color and thickness of the border
Added the ability to directly manipulate media items in the Canvas (Preview Window)
Added snap guidelines in the Canvas to help align media objects
Added the ability to move media from one visual layer to another on the timeline
Added the ability to have generic multimedia tracks instead of dedicated audio, video, pip, callout, etc. tracks
all new themed content in the Library, including music, graphics, animations, titles, and lower thirds designed to match
Added a new callout style called Glow
Added new callout shapes with text
Added new callout lines and arrows
Added new sketch motion callout shapes
Added new pixelate callout
Added the ability to have markers on the timeline as well as having markers locked to a clip or group
Added new transitions and enhanced existing transitions
Added the ability to change the name of tracks on the timeline
Added the ability to change the duration of an animation lead-in time
Added the ability to change the clip speed by directly dragging the clip on the timeline
Added the ability to have blank space between media on the timeline
Added a custom color picker option to the border and fill options of the Callout view and Visual Properties view
Added a slider to easily adjust track heights
Added the ability to apply audio volume leveling and noise removal to individual audio clips
Added an option to show and hide the marker and quiz trays
Added an indicator to the horizontal timeline scroll bar to show where the playhead is located in relation to your viewing area
Added true or false question type to quizzes
Added the ability to have quizzes work on Screencast.com
Added a quiz reporting framework to allow quizzing results to be sent automatically without the quiz taker needing to send an e-mail
Added the ability to assign a hotkey for adding a quiz
Added an option to "Use GPU acceleration if available" in Tools > Options dialog
Added TechSmith Smart Player to support both Flash and HTML5 when producing to the MP4 file --Added the ability to choose different designs for the playback controls of the TechSmith Smart Player
Added the ability for viewers who are using an iPhone to use the TechSmith Smart Player iOS app to playback content with interactive features
Added the ability to include image thumbnails with Table of Contents entries
Added additional product key validation to the product
Enhanced the Zoom options to support multiple track video editing
Enhanced the way transitions work so that it does not add time to the duration of your timeline or productions
Enhanced the video dimension options in the custom production path
Updated the quiz creation process
Updated the Welcome Window to have more links to more information on the web
Updated the Sync Captions workflow format, ensuring video playback on multiple devices and browsers
Updated the video production presets available to enhance support for mobile devices
Updated product installation: Now using WIX technology
Updated product branding and logos
Improved the editing playback performance to handle larger dimension videos and higher video playback frame rates
Modified the AutoSave interval to be 2 minutes by default
Modified the default duration of transitions to be one second
Modified Title Clips by moving them to the Library tab
Improved the options from the Tools > Options dialog
Fixed an issue that would cause mouse trails to appear in the post recording preview window when recording with certain video codecs
Removed the camv, rm, FLV, and SWF production formats because MP4 is a more widely supported format with better quality
Removed certain options during production: the ability to embed an AVI into HTML, to manage WMV profiles, to remove callout fades, and to change the zoom and pan speed to instant because these options are no longer relevant
Removed Camtasia Theater from the installation of Camtasia Studio
Removed the Pack and show tool

Platform: Windows XP SP3, Windows Vista, or Windows 7
Language: English
Size: 254.13 MB


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