Digital - Tutors: Utilizing the Node Editor in Maya

Utilizing the Node Editor in Maya

Digital - Tutors: Utilizing the Node Editor in Maya
Software used: Maya 2015 | Project Files: Included | 499 MB

This series of Maya tutorials will begin by breaking down the Node Editor and how it is similar to other editors inside of Maya. Often times inside of Maya, we have to go through a number of different menus, editors or windows to accomplish a single task.

If we understand what Maya is doing behind the scenes, wouldn't it make sense to go to one place to accomplish a task? Whether you are a modeler, a lighting and rendering artist or a rigging artist, there is likely something you can gain by simply learning how to use Maya’s Node Editor as a tool in your day-to-day workflow.

We'll learn how to graph and clear various node networks inside the Node Editor. Next we'll immerse ourselves in node attributes and connections by learning how to create the nodes we need and then make, break and move connections. To wrap things up, we’ll look at an example of how we can utilize the Node Editor in building both a modeling and a rigging network.

After completing this Maya training, you’ll have enough knowledge to begin implementing the Node Editor in your day-to-day tasks.

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