Digital - Tutors: Scripting with Python in Houdini

Scripting with Python in Houdini

Digital - Tutors: Scripting with Python in Houdini
Software used: Houdini V10.0 or higher, Python 2.6 or Python 2.7
Project Files: Included | 764 MB

Through this Houdini tutorial, you’ll be introduced to the core structure and mechanics of the Houdini Object Model, Houdini's integration of Python.

We’ll start by going over how to interface and customize our Python environment within Houdini. From there, we’ll cover the fundamental classes and methods of Houdini Nodes, Parameters, Objects, Geometry, Animation and Digital Assets.

We’ll finish with an interactive Python Geometry SOP creation which addresses a real world production problem. After this Houdini training, you’ll have a robust understanding how to effectively utilize the Houdini Python Object Module.

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