Origami Digitals JimmyRIG Pro v1.1 Build 113 Win

Origami Digitals JimmyRIG Pro

Origami Digitals JimmyRIG Pro v1.1 Build 113 Win

Jimmy|RIG was created to allow people to quickly apply motion capture data to their characters without the tedious process of painting weights, setting up a skeleton or re-targetting and then export the animated characters into other 3D applications for further adjustments.

Jimmy|RIG gives any artist the ability to quickly visualize how a variety of motions might look on their characters. It allows them to setup one or more characters with a single click.

Jimmy|RIG creates a fully rigged (painted weights and joint structure) model within seconds that can then be exported to other 3D applications in which the artists ability to further extend or modify the animation and base rig are limitless.

With the addition of Kinect support in Jimmy|RIG Pro, animators can quickly capture reference motions for their animations without having to invest in expensive Mocap solutions. Where you used to videotape yourself as basic reference, you can now just use a Kinect with Jimmy|RIG Pro and capture the reference animation right on your model.

Jimmy|RIG is Windows Based only with support for Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 (32 and 64 bit)


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