Introduction to Fluid Simulations in Houdini

Introduction to Fluid Simulations in Houdini

Software: Houdini 14.0 | Project Files: Included | 686 MB

In this Houdini tutorial you’ll get an overview of the basic concepts used to create and control fluid simulations.

We cover the particle fluid shelf tools, but we also dive deeper than before into the networks created by the shelf tools to gain control of our simulations. We'll take a look at fluid emitters, the "Fluid From Object" tool, and the FLIP Tank tool.

We'll find out how to control unruly simulations using the Pump and Sink tools. We’ll also play around with special fluid parameters like viscosity, learn how to float a boat in a virtual ocean, and work through other real world scenarios to give you a working knowledge of fluids in Houdini.

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