The Nature Academy is a 13 - Week Training Course

The Nature Academy is a 13 - Week Training Course

The Nature Academy is a 13-Week Training Course | 7.6 Gb

The Nature Academy is a 13-Week training course carefully guides you through the process of creating realistic nature scenes with Blender. The tutorials start out easy and then increase with complexity as the course progresses. This ensures that you keep learning but you aren’t left behind.

Why Blender Guru?
I started Blender Guru in April 2009 as a way to raise my profile as a freelancing artist. I had heard that creating tutorials was a good way to get noticed, so I registered the domain name and started writing. However it wasn’t until I attended the Blender conference in 2009, that my goal changed. People who I had never met were coming up to me, shaking my hand, and asking me when the next tutorial would be released. I was flabbergasted! So from that point on I decided to make educational products my primary focus.

My first training product was an eBook called ‘The Wow Factor‘, and my most recent product is The Nature Academy.

1. Grass
2. Rocks
3. Trees
4. Plants
5. Lakes
6. Flowers
7. Ocean
8. Mountains
9. Forests
10. Aerial Flowers
11. Deserts
12. Animated Grass
13. Waterfalls

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