3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP / CUDA

3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP / CUDA

3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP / CUDA

The last jump before the V4. The main purpose of this release to summarize all that was done last year and fix minor bugs.
3D-Coat 3.7 released. It is a last jump before V4. The main intention of this release is to summarize all what was done for last year and to release AppLinks.

What’s New In 3D-Coat v3.7

- Applink Connection Plugins. Transfer your content between 3D-Coat and your 3D modeller in no time. Supports 3dsMax, Lightwave, Maya, Modo, Cinema 4D, Blender, ZBrush, Unity 3D, Softimage XSI, Houdini, Messiah, Cheetah 3D, Fusion, and VoidWorld.
- Instancing support. Check new Instancer tool + new check box in Merge tool. It opens the possibility to use one volume multiple times in the scene without additional memory consumption. The scene in the viewport will also be rendered faster because of much less video memory consumption. It is extremely helpful for architecture, hardsurface modeling, sometimes – for organic elements (scales, teeth).
- New CutOff tool. It allows you to perform very precise boolean operations!
- New brush engine. It’s faster, smoother and more accurate!

Homepage: _http://3d-coat.com/

Download Links:

3D-Coat 3.7.12E SIMP / CUDA x64Bit

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