Vfxlearning - Getting Wet with RealFlow and Maya

Vfxlearning - Getting Wet with RealFlow and Maya

Vfxlearning - Getting Wet with RealFlow and Maya | 3.22 GB

In this intensive training series we will explore several production techniques used to generate different types of water simulations both in RealFlow and Maya. The goal of this course is to not only teach you how RealFlow operates , but also how to determine the best possible approach to complete the work , we will take into consideration constraints such as budget, time, computer power and scale and use this information to break down a series of shots and come up with the most cost effective and visually interesting result.

After spending years working in the VFX industry focused mainly in the creation of water simulations Luis Pages have managed to collect a pretty creative and solid series of tricks that for the first time will become available to his students. Students will learn to think outside the box and take full advantage of what both RealFlow and Maya have to offer. We will cover the creation of small to large water simulations, drips, splashes, foam, mist, spray, lakes, ( abstract liquid simulations ) and more.

This is a very comprehensive program that will cover a large amount of information and multiple assignments, and although this course is focused mainly on simulations , but we will also go over certain aspects of lighting , rendering and compositing using both Mental Ray and Nuke.


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