Sculpting a Stylized Character with David Meng

Sculpting a Stylized Character  with David Meng

Sculpting a Stylized Character with David Meng | 2.16 GB

In this DVD, Creature Designer David Meng guides you through his process of designing and sculpting a stylized character maquette. Beginning with the armature assembly and block out, he demonstrates his method for building up a rigid, yet still flexible, base onto which he will build up his sculpture. At this stage, he begins to add clay to begin defining the forms of his "stylized" orangutan character, all the while narrating specific anatomical and creative choices he makes as he builds up the forms. He then moves in with tools to begin fine tuning the sculpture, creating folds and refining forms before moving into the detailing phase. In this phase, he demonstrates how to sculpt skin wrinkles and pores, as well as how to handle long fur on a character. When finished, David creates a highly believable, yet stylized interpretation of an orangutan.

Tools & Supplies
Armature Construction
Blocking in Large Forms
Refining Secondary Form
Skin Texture Techniques
Sculpting Fur
Final Detailing & Surface Refinement

Tools and Supplies 1
Tools and Supplies 2
Constructing the Armature and Sub-Structure
Blocking in the Form
Refining the Forms
Refining Details on Face
Refining Details on Body
Adding More Details
Fine Details – Skin and Fur
Final Thoughts + Final Refinements

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