Game Prop Creation in 3ds Max

Game Prop Creation in 3ds Max

Game Prop Creation in 3ds Max | 1.10 GB
Intermediate | 6h 06m | Project Files 499 MB | Required Software: 3ds Max 2013, Unity 3D 3.5

Explore the world of modeling and texturing game props and assets in Autodesk 3ds Max. Author Adam Crespi demonstrates how to create both small and large props, from tools to shipping containers. The course begins with cloning and instancing objects for ease of modeling and unwrapping, and segues into multiple methods of unwrapping and painting texture by hand in Adobe Photoshop. Adam looks at various plug-ins that assist with normal map generation as well as sculpting in Mudbox, a digital sculpting application that can add realism and detail to your models. Finally, the course shows how to add lights to a scene and preview the objects in-game.

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