TKActions Panel for Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC

TKActions Panel for Photoshop

TKActions Panel for Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC

The TKActions panel is a custom panel that works in 32- and 64-bit versions of Photoshop CS5, CS6, and CC. It displays like other panels in Photoshop and makes it easy to play a large number of actions without having to scroll through various action sets on Photoshop's regular Actions panel. The buttons on the panel are linked to specific actions from the different tutorials that have been loaded onto the regular Actions panel. Clicking a button plays the corresponding action.

The "BASIC + TP" tab is a good place to start for photographers new to luminosity masks and Photoshop actions. Each button on this subpanel runs a single action that can be useful in developing an image. Buttons in the "Curves" column create a Curves adjustment layer with the designated luminosity mask in place as the layer mask. The "Levels" buttons create Levels adjustment layers with the listed mask in place as the layer mask. After the "Curves" and "Levels" actions finish running, it's necessary to go to Photoshop's Properties panel and actually make an adjustment for the adjustment layer. The "Channels" column buttons run actions that place the listed luminosity mask(s) on the Channels panel. After these actions finish running, check the Channels panel for the results.

The "TRIPLE PLAY" section of this tab has buttons to run actions for the triple play processes. The various "TRIPLE PLAY" actions affect either light or dark tones in the image. The entire Triple Play process is described in the Luminosity Mask Triple Play and Advanced Masking tutorial PDF that's included in the download folder.

The "ACTIONS" tab is a more advanced section of the panel. It introduces "progressive actions" into the workflow. This means that the result obtained by pressing one button on the panel becomes the starting point for an action called by pressing another button. This allows for an almost infinite combination of selections, layers, masks, and blending modes to be created, tried, and/or deleted. Instead of one button only doing one thing, many of the buttons in this section work sequentially WITH other buttons to quickly produce the desired effect. The various sections of the "ACTIONS" tab are briefly described below. Again, the Instructions PDF has complete information on using all the buttons in this section.


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