Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation AMA v5.0.001 CE Win32/Win64

Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation AMA

Drastic MediaReactor WorkStation AMA v5.0.001 CE Win32/Win64

MediaReactor Workstation is a direct plug-in version of Drastic's MediaReactor file translation system. Rather than having to use a separate translation step, the artist can work with incoming footage directly in their preferred creative software. MediaReactor Workstation is available on Windows (XP, Vista, 7 - 32/64) and MacIntosh OS-X Intel (10.5+). It provides plug-ins for Assimilate Scratch/Lab, Final Cut Pro 7, Avid Media Composer, Adobe CS5.x/6.x/CC, EasyDCP, QuickTime and DirectShow. Many other applications that utilize the QuickTime and DirectShow interfaces are also supported.

MediaReactor Workstation provides support for the three major operating systems that have well defined plug-in systems (for Linux, please contract Drastic for available options). The primary plug-in interfaces on Mac OS-X, Windows 32 bit and Windows 64 are:
  • Assimilate Scratch and Scratch Lab SPA plug-in
  • Avid MediaComposer/Symphony/NewsCutter 6, 7 & 8 64 bit AMA access plug-in
  • Avid MediaComposer/Symphony/NewsCutter 5.5 32 bit AMA access plug-in
  • Adobe file import and export plug-ins CS5.5/6.x and Creative Cloud 2014 64 bit
  • Adobe file import and export plug-ins CS4/5 32 bit
  • Final Cut Pro 7 real time access and rendered file export


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