SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 20141022 MacOSX64

SGO MambaFX v2

SGO MambaFX v2.0.3 20141022 MacOSX64

SGO Mamba FX – Cost effective & totally open node based compositing providing unparalleled real-time VFX tools developed around SGO's well-established creative technology

All Options Enabled
DCP Creation V2.0
Stereo3D Professional V2.0
RED Camera Support V2.0
ARRI Camera Support V2.0
Phantom Camera Support V2.0
Unlimited Render V2.0
Weisscam Camera Support V2.0
AVC Intra100 Support V2.0
Parallel Computing Boost V2.0

Canon RAW Support
Additional Codecs should also be fine.


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