The Gnomon Workshop - Making Frankenstein's Monster with Peter Zoppi

Making Frankenstein's Monster with Peter Zoppi

The Gnomon Workshop - Making Frankenstein's Monster with Peter Zoppi
Software used: Mudbox, Maya, Photoshop | Duration: 335 min | 4.75 GB

This course provides an in-depth overview on the making of Peter Zoppi’s Frankenstein. The lecture begins with a demonstration of Peter's modeling, sculpting and design process that includes Maya, Mudbox and resurfacing techniques. Peter also discusses body proportions and quick rigging in Maya for posing. With the model complete, he then moves on to look development using Mudbox to explore both high-frequency details, such as pores and wrinkles, and diffuse color maps. This then gets further developed in Maya as Peter shares his Mental Ray skin shader techniques. Once the character is near completion, Peter delves into how the environment and light set-up were approached with an emphasis on a multi render-pass set-up. The final renders are then brought into Photoshop for final compositing, color correction and post-processing. For anyone interested in high-resolution 3D character illustration techniques, this title offers invaluable insights into the workflow of an accomplished industry artist.
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