Gumroad - Intro to Sculpting with Kurt Papstein

Intro to Sculpting

Gumroad - Intro to Sculpting with Kurt Papstein
Software used: ZBrush 4R6 | Project Files: Included | 4.15 GB

In this tutorial, I cover the basics to get you started in ZBrush. I share my workflow when dealing with Dynamesh and creating quick busts complete with clothing. I cover the mindset that you need to be in, to achieve professional grade sculpts that will help you advance your skills. Tired of seeing "the lumps" and "wobbles" in your forms? I cover how you can easily avoid this, while advancing to a finished and detailed character. As an added bonus, I go over my process for creating clothing and how I go about sculpting drapery!

Not sure witch brush to use? How many Subdivisions? How to break down the process into three easy steps? All this and more is in this comprehensive easy to follow break down to get you started in ZBrush.

*a basic level of ZBrush navigation is required.

ZBrush - beginner to intermediate level

  • Sculpting principals
  • Dynamesh basics
  • Good sculpting practices and mentalities
  • Brush work basics
  • Working in steps and breaking it down
  • Making each stroke count
  • Building organics
  • Muscle vs fat
  • Skin wrinkles
  • Skin detailing
  • Clothing construction methods
  • Sculpting wrinkles on fabric
  • Fabric detailing

  • 1 hour 54 minute 1080HD video
  • ZBrush Project complete with Undo History!
  • ZBrush .ZTL file

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