Digital Tutors - Modeling Curtain Wall Systems in Revit

Modeling Curtain Wall Systems in Revit

Digital Tutors - Modeling Curtain Wall Systems in Revit
Software used: Revit 2015 | Project Files: Included | 655 MB

In this set of Revit tutorials you'll learn everything you need to become a pro at modeling curtain wall systems. We'll begin with the basics and take a look at the curtain wall options available to you within the Revit Family Library.

We'll learn how to work with storefront systems, exterior glazing and the curtain wall tools. Once we've covered those three options, we'll use parametric modeling techniques to create custom parts that we'll use to create a customized storefront system. By the end of this course you'll know how to model and control the curtain wall systems available in your Revit library.

You'll also know how to create your very own parametric storefront system using custom mullion, glass panel, and spider clip families. And last but not least, in this Revit training you'll learn a few tips and tricks to help to overcome some of the challenges you may face when working through a parametric modeling project.

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