3D Scanning a Person with Kacie Hultgren

3D Scanning a Person

3D Scanning a Person with Kacie Hultgren

New consumer-grade 3D sensors in products like the Microsoft Kinect make scanning people easy! And with 3D printers, you can turn those scans into "Mini-Mes" that can be used as cake toppers, game tokens, or action figures. In this course, Kacie Hultgren will guide you through the process of creating a "3D selfie" that's ready for printing. Kacie uses the free software Meshmixer to repair and enhance the scan, before printing it with a MakerBot. Don't own a 3D printer? Kacie also shows how to export your model and send it to Shapeways, where you can order a 3D print.

Topics include:
  • Setting up 3D sensors
  • 3D scanning a bust or a person
  • Exporting a scan
  • Smoothing and filling the mesh
  • Automatically repairing the scan with Meshmixer
  • Printing your scan with a MakerBot printer
  • Optimizing a scan
  • Ordering a 3D print with Shapeways

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