Digital Tutors - Sculpting Workflows in Blender

Sculpting Workflows in Blender

Digital Tutors - Sculpting Workflows in Blender
Software used: Blender 2.72b | Project Files: Included | 487 MB

Using a sculpting workflow to create models is a very common method these days. You can modify the shape of your geometry using intuitive brushes and you can subdivide your model to create very detailed sculpts that can then be output or recreated with normal or displacement maps. Blender provides a number of features that make the sculpting process easy and efficient.

We'll start out this Blender tutorial by setting up a basic sculpt. We'll learn about the basic sculpt brush and modify setting like brush size and strength. Continuing on, we'll learn about the different stroke types and working with symmetry.

We'll also learn to set up a multi-resolution sculpt and go over the functionality of the different brushes. We'll learn to mask out areas of our mesh and to use textures in our sculpting process.

We'll finish up by learning to use Dynamic Topology to sculpt a mesh without having to worry about giving it enough resolution. Once you finish this Blender training, you'll have a much better idea of how to work with sculpting tools as well as how to integrate them into your own work.

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