Blender Cookie - Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet

Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet

Blender Cookie - Modeling a Sci-Fi Helmet
Software used: Blender 2.71 | Project Files: Included | 3.85 GB

It's a special time in every Digital Artist's journey when the desire to design and build a space marine's helmet is overwhelming. And that time is now.

Take a moment to be inspired by the great sci-fi space marine designs from Blizzard, Mike Nash, Vitaly Bulgarov, Fausto De Martini, and others. The fact is, hard-surface-sci-fi-space-marine stuff is cool. So let’s create some of our own!

What You Will Learn
This in-depth course is about freeing your inner sci-fi designer nerd through conceptual sculpting and complex modeling. First we'll approach the design of a custom helmet with Blender's dynamic topology sculpting along with a useful addon called Sculpt Tools UI. This addon comes with several great tools, but mostly we'll be focusing on two of them:
  • Grease Cut for to quickly slicing our digital ball into faceted shapes.
  • Extract Mask for easily generating additional pieces of digital clay.

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