Gumroad - Unreal Engine 4: Master Material For Beginners

Gumroad - Unreal Engine 4: Master Material For Beginners

Gumroad - Unreal Engine 4: Master Material For Beginners
Software used: Unreal Engine 4 | Project Files: Included | 398 MB

In this tutorial I cover the basics of setting up a scene for material testing, creating the most common elements of a master material, and key information in creating effective material instances out of our master material. This is the first mini series in a collection of UE4 Tutorials on material creation.

With nearly 2 hours of content you will learn how to create your own master materials and instances in Unreal Engine 4 and acquire basic knowledge on principles of material creation within the Unreal Engine 4 material editor.

Here is a video breakdown:
01: New Project and Scene Setup
How to start a new first person project
How to setup a basic lighting environment for material testing. Including light mass importance volumes, sphere reflection captures, directional lights, and skylights.
Basic navigations and hotkeys for the editor.
Saving files
Baking basic lighting.
Creating folders for clean navigation in engine.
Creating Basic Blank Master Material
How to Apply Materials using Material Elements
02: Albedo Base Setup
Setup Base Color Input
Static Switch Parameters
2D Texture Parameters
Organizing with groups, comments, and descriptions.
Material Instancing
Texture saturation and hue
03: Roughness/Metalness/Normal Base Setup
Roughness Values/Maps
Metal Values/Maps
Normal Map Paramter
Normal Intensity
Basic Math
04:Emissive Base Setup
Emissive Base Color
Emissive Power
Emissive Masking
05: AO Base Setup
AO Engine Default Setup
AO Albedo Overlay
Linear Interpolate


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