Gametutor - Creating a Node Based Editor in Unity

Gametutor - Creating a Node Based Editor in Unity

Gametutor - Creating a Node Based Editor in Unity
Software used: Unity 3D | Time: 4:08:53 | Date: 10/26/14 | 19 Lessons | 1.13 GB

Game development requires the involvement of many different types of disciplines and people to complete. Often times the Game engine or software used to make the game, is very technical making it difficult for some disciplines to work efficiently in. This is where the creation of artist / designer tools come into play. As a unity developer, learning how to create Visual Editor Tools for artists and designers is crucial to the productivity of your game development production.

This course will guide you through the process of developing your first visual node based editor that can be used for any sort of game development task. It will give you the underlying knowledge of saving out your nodes data, giving the user the ability to connect nodes, create nodes, and delete nodes. By the end of this course you will have a fully functional node based editor that you can extend to meet the needs of your game development project.

Course Lessons
1. Getting our Work Environment Setup
2. Stubbing in our Scripts
3. Getting the Editor Window Running
4. Developing our View System
5. Drawing Views
6. Editor Events
7. Creating the GUISkin
8. Developing our Data Structure
9. Creating Data
10. Context Menus
11. Loading and Un-Loading
12. Creating Nodes
13. Displaying Nodes
14. Node Management
15. Inputs and Outputs
16. Node Connections
17. Completing Nodes
18. Drawing the Grid
19. Conclusion

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