Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace - Modular Building Set

Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace - Modular Building Set

Unreal Engine 4 Marketplace - Modular Building Set

New Technical Details of the asset pack list
Technical Details:
Set includes:

- Demo scene to show variations of Assets and Material usage (Brand new Demo scene to demonstrate the assets)
- First Floor Interior store fronts with LOD's (Interiors are new)
- 137 Static Meshes (25 more included than before)
- 100 Materials (25 more included than before)
- Parallax Window lights with fake interiors for night time use (Completely new)
- 33 Decal Materials - From Rust, grunge, and even bird **** (Decal count included in Material Count)
- Store signs, Chinese Signs, Dirt and Rubble Piles
- Optimized Assets with an average of 140 Tris
- Assets range between (2 - 1840) Tris
- Average Texture sizes of 2048x2048 to give the highest resolution possible, with smaller textures and Decals at 256x256 or 512x512
- Materials generally contain a Normal Map, Diffuse Map, Roughness map, and Specular Map

Here is the updated descriptions as well!
- The building is ready for Interiors!! Currently it is setup to only support interiors on the first floor of the building as presented in the video and screenshots. I have not created any interior propping or polish assets for this pack. Everything was created using the tiling textures and assets that I have provided in the pack. I would still recommend purchasing an interior props pack to use this feature to its fullest.

- The Set is already ready for night time scenes as well!! With a "lit interior" window material that i created, you can easily drag and drop multiple different lit up window materials onto the modular assets to create your night scene. The windows are emissive as well as using a "parallax" effect to give the appearance of a real interior that moves with the camera to liven up your upper floor windows!

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wcwvincent 4 March 2015 00:07
Thanks but how can I make it to show up in vault?
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