Gumroad - Concept Art Tutorial : Action/Adventure Game Set Piece by YOHANN SCHEPACZ

Gumroad - Concept Art Tutorial : Action/Adventure Game Set Piece by YOHANN SCHEPACZ

Gumroad - Concept Art Tutorial : Action/Adventure Game Set Piece by YOHANN SCHEPACZ

This tutorial will guide you through the creation of this SET PIECE for an imaginary AAA action-adventure game such as Assassin's Creed, Tomb Raider or Uncharted. More details below.

In this 12hrs tutorial with commentary, I will take you through one of the process I've been using on the several AAA games I've been working on since the last 3 years. This tutorial is split in 6 Stages corresponding to the ones I go through when creating a painting like this one. During each stage, I will discuss a variety of topics. The most important ones are described below so you know exactly what you get with this tutorial and where to get it. :)

I also included a list of recommended readings. And a collection of my 10 favorite artists / source of inspiration and learning for environment concept art.

Table of Contents :
Stage 1 : Cutting through the Jungle
Stage 2 : Into the swamp
Stage 3 : Out of the swamp
Stage 4 : Ascension of Mt Doom
Stage 5 : Reaching the top of the mountain
Stage 6 : The little Death / Conclusion
Bonus Stage : Finish it !

Topics per Stage :
Stage 1 : Cutting through the Jungle
- About constraints
- About the use of concept art
- About production constraints
- About creating space
- About ruins
- About abstract rhythm
- About inspiration
- About simple composition
- About saving steps
- About Curve adjustment
- About POV
- About the 30 min mark
- About shadow for form
- Light setup
- About color moods
- Fixing the silhouette
- About too much references
- About good rythm
- About composition
- About adjusting on the go
- About scale and depth
- About composition
- About romantic art bullshit
- About the use of photos too early on

Stage 2 : Into the swamp
- About research
- About level design
- About communicating your intentions
- Photobashing your way in
- About google and references
- About enviro vs character concept art
- Breaking the ice
- About photoleggoing
- Matching photos with your light and colors
- About raising your tastes
- About the middle game
- Sky / Background 1st Pass
- Rendering Mountains 1
- About faking it
- Temple Render Pass 1
- About where to spend your Juices
- The face of your landscape

Stage 3 : Getting out of that damn swamp
- Self-critic 1
- Composition Analysis
- Design Analysis
- Murky Waters
- Enjoy the sunshine...
- While it lasts.
- Cheating the light

Stage 4 : Ascension of Mt Doom
- About surface details
- About scale
- Tower Redesign
- About brushes
- Rendering Mountains 2
- Gamechanger in composition
- Temple Rendering 2
- Finishing the towers
- Good enough....not !

Stage 5 : Reaching the Fuck Yeah Summit
- Self-Critic 2

Stage 6: The little Death / Conclusion

Stage 7 Bonus: Finish it !

Difficulty: Intermediate - Advanced

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