CGcircuit - Rigging 101.4 Volumes 1 - 4

CGcircuit - Rigging 101.4 Volumes 1 - 4

CGcircuit - Rigging 101.4 Volumes 1 - 4
Tools used: Autodesk Maya | Level: Beginner | Duration: 24:17 m. | 2.31 GB

Rigging 101.1
If you are at the beginning of learning about rigging or a modeler who wants to learn what is important for a rigger, this tutorial is perfect for you.

This is the first tutorial of a series about Rigging 101. We are going to start with modeling because not a lot of content out there talk about modeling through the rigger's eye.

After a brief introduction about rigging we will talk about Topology, Mesh density, Bind pose, etc.

Rigging 101.2
In this course, I go over the key rigging concepts. These are the concepts that a person must know in order to become a good rigger.

This is for anybody who has never rigged before or has some small knowledge of rigging but wants to start the right way.

Basic knowledge of Maya.

Rigging 101.3
This video series covers the main Editors I use as a rigger. I show my workflow explaining why I like certain editors more than others.

Rigging 101.4
In this series of videos I go over how I create animation controls and explain why they are so important. I also cover how to properly create and edit Driven Keys , Expressions, Utility Nodes and simple direct connections.
I also talk about the difference between the basic constraint we have in Maya.

Driven Keys, Expressions, utility nodes and direct connections are the way you add control to the rig.

Basic Knowledge of Maya

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