Creating Natural Media Brushes in Photoshop

Creating Natural Media Brushes in Photoshop

Digital Tutors - Creating Natural Media Brushes in Photoshop
Software used: Photoshop CC 2014 | Project Files: Included | 207 MB

In this Photoshop tutorial you’ll learn to create your own custom natural media brushes. Creating a brush that emulates natural media can give your artwork a lot more personality.

We'll begin by learning how to create a pencil brush and see how we can use a default brush in Photoshop to help us get started. From here we'll focus on creating both chalk and watercolor brushes. With each brush we'll explore options in the brush panel to help us refine it's functionality and look.

We'll also learn how to define, save, and load brush presets. Additionally, we'll practice with each of our brushes on individual projects to gain a stronger sense of how they function and the visual result that follows. After watching this Photoshop training you'll be able to push your own creativity further when it comes to creating brushes for your own projects.

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