The Gnomon Workshop - Introduction to World Machine

The Gnomon Workshop - Introduction to World Machine

The Gnomon Workshop - Introduction to World Machine
Software used: World Machine | Duration: 122 minutes | 1.21 GB

In this lecture, Dax Pandhi introduces the fundamentals of procedural terrain generation using World Machine. Dax delves into the essential building blocks of digital terrains and demystifies the seeming complexity of function graphs. The lecture develops through a series of increasingly sophisticated terrain development techniques that utilize procedural noise generators, and collapse the geometric shapes with Stochastic erosion, thermal weathering, coastal erosion, and snow fall. Examples include a dry mountain range, volcano, snowcapped peak, and a coastal cliff. Dax then goes through texturing techniques to create both direct bitmaps for immediate usage, and erosive masks. During the course of these exercises, Dax explains the intricacies of achieving realistic results, and practical techniques such as ad-hoc masking, selective erosion, combining multiple forms of erosion, and cross-breeding filters to create complex, believable effects. Designed for the artist new to World Machine, this lecture provides an invaluable resource from an experienced industry professional.

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billybob 24 March 2017 03:13
Parts 1-3 are down on Nitroflare.
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