CGWorkshops - Animating Creatures for Games

CGWorkshops - Animating Creatures for Games

6 - 15 hours | 3 Weeks | Project Files: Included | 1.2 GB

Working in video games requires you to have an understanding of a wide variety of creatures. Knowing how to approach different creatures and animate them quickly & efficiently is key to success.

In this 3 week course Kyle will demonstrate how to animate various game animations on 3 different creatures: a dog, spider, & dinosaur (Albertosaurus) You'll learn how to gather & analyze reference to better understand their locomotion and behaviour. And how to use/exaggerate that reference to create game animations. Kyle will demonstrate various techniques to speed up your workflow and how you can approach different creatures in different ways to create quick, appealing video game animations.

5-­12 hours of video lessons each week will go over step by step how Kyle creates animations for each of these creatures. The entire process will be shown, no editing or jump cuts through the process. Outside of the video lessons, the course will require about 6­-15 hours per week to work on assignments (depending on skill level).


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