Gumroad - Zbrush Fantasy Landscape 1 by Jan Urschel

Gumroad - Zbrush Fantasy Landscape 1 by Jan Urschel

DESCRIPTION We start off from scratch to build random geometry in ZBrush. As a next step we frame, light and render the mesh in Modo to generate multiple different scenes. After a breakdown of why I chose certain scenes and talking about composition basics, we move on to take a quick look at the collected reference. The stage is set for the paintover in part 2.

SKILL LEVEL Beginner - Basic knowledge of ZBrush, Modo and Photoshop required
SOFTWARE Adobe Photoshop CC 2014, Adobe Bridge CC, ZBrush 4r6, Modo 801

1) Tutorial video in 1080p (53 mins)
2) ZBrush geometry as ZTL file
3) Modo scene as LXO file
4) Chosen render as TARGA file

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