SkillShare - Photoshop Collection

SkillShare - Photoshop Collection

Create a Typographic Poster From a Photograph in Photoshop

This class will teach you exactly how to create an appealing typographic poster from a selected photograph of a person and their quote. You can see such posters often as concert invitations, book covers, album covers, thumbnails, printed or digital work over your town etc.
The class is short, on point and teaches valuable skills in Photoshop without beeing too overwhelming. You will put things to use like the Pen Tool, Dodge Tool, Masks, Revealing and Brightening certain objects on a photo and many more. Photo retouching skills like adjusting Levels on a histogram and politely bumping Adele with the Brush Tool or Rubber Tool over her face are live in action aswell!

How to create an illustration of a photo using Photoshop

You don’t need a $3000 camera or a $1500 lens to take professional quality photos. If you already have Photoshop, you can improve your photos dramatically by learning how to properly color correct and color grade. you can take your photos to an whole new level if you can master the art of what we call photomanipulation, compositing and retouching. By mastering those techniques, you will be able to turn your photos into digital art!
All source images for the tutorials are supplied to you so you’ll be able to do exactly what I did. The tutorials were all done using Photoshop CS5. You can get a lot done with CS3/CS4 also.
If you are a motivated artist that wants to improve and you realize that to fully unleash your talent, you need the technical knowledge you might be missing to fully express it.
Learning all the ways you can edit your photos and images is like someone that finally learns the proper drawing techniques. Before, the person was making interesting doodles, now he/she’s creating works of art. The talent was there but it was not fully utilized. And it’s the same thing with digital art and photo editing, once you learn the proper methods, you then unleash the creativity in you that couldn’t fully be expressed before.

The Best of Both Worlds: Leveraging Photoshop and Illustrator In Your Work

The vector artwork of Adobe Illustrator is easier to use than raster, but sometimes you want to liven up your work with a bit of texture. Get the best of both.
In this class, we’ll explore ways to use Illustrator and Photoshop in tandem, using tools from custom brushes to Smart Objects. You’ll still retain your original vector art in case you need to make changes (your textures won’t actually be integrated into the artwork). With masks and adjustments layers, you’ll never worry about making a change you can’t undo! It’s a world of new possibility.
What You’ll Learn
*Concepting. Brainstorm and sketch out your ideas.
*Creating vector artwork. Trace your sketches in Illustrator while carefully considering line and shape.
*Custom brushes. Create custom art brushes in Illustrator and apply them to your vector artwork.
*Textures. Create, scan, and manipulate various textures in Photoshop.
*Moving to Photoshop. Consider the best way to move your vector art into Photoshop-as a whole or piecemeal-and start applying your custom textures.

Photo Manipulation in Photoshop: Introduction to Creating Surreal Imagery

Welcome to my class! I am excited to share with you my process for capturing and creating ephemeral, atmospherical photos. Students will take their photography to a new level, nurture imagination, and learn to combine real with fictional. This type of photo manipulation work is often used in book cover design, illustrating album covers, and elements for interior decoration.
I’ve been an artist and photographer since I can remember. My work involves taking various figure and environmental photos and manipulating them to create an image that evokes a distinct feeling grounded in a place.
What You’ll Learn
I’ll teach you my photo manipulation process in Photoshop and provide some tips in achieving your desired look.
*Background and Environment. I will discuss how a simple background is essential to this creative process.
*Figure. I will teach how to create a “levitation” posture with your figure, as if the body is flying – “no gravity” style.
*Texture. We will explore some layering techniques to achieve different textures for your image.
*Light and Color. I will teach you some techniques for exploring your concept through texture, light and color.
*Final Touches. You will learn how to critique and perfect your work, and add finishing touches.

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