Gumroad - Beginners Sculpting Essentials In Zbrush 4R6

Gumroad - Beginners Sculpting Essentials In Zbrush 4R6

Learn essential Zbrush sculpting techniques with 3D character artist Michael Knowland. With nearly 14 hours of video, we cover crucial features, such as brushes, lighting and materials in order to make a highly detailed Horse sculpt that is built around real-world superficial anatomy and proportions. This video is designed for total beginners who have no prior knowledge of Zbrush, and Michael will reveal each feature utilized in the creation process, some of which are unique to the latest version of Zbrush 4R6.

The video resolution is 1280x720.

  • Chapter 1 - Lights, Hotkeys, Core Brushes, Symmetry Mode, Materials, Tools Menu, Perspective Mode, Document Background (71 Mins.)
  • Chapter 2 - Dynamesh, Basic Horse Anatomy, References, Polygroups, Basic Horse Anatomy (75 Mins.)
  • Chapter 3 - Subtools, Transposing, Proportional Measurements, Morph Targets, Masking (49 Mins.)
  • Chapter 4 - Image Planes, Subtool Master, Reprojection, Smart Resym (45 Mins.)
  • Chapter 5 - Sculpting Refinement, Layers, Brush Alphas, Noisemaker, Adding Fine Detail (280 Mins.)
  • Chapter 6 - Further Sculpting Refinement, Zspheres, Mane and Fur Sculpting (171 Mins.)
  • Chapter 7 - Adding A New Subtool For the Hoooves / Crease By Polygroup (35 Mins.)
  • Chapter 8 - Transpose Master, Posing, Final Sculpting (110 Mins.)
  • Chapter 9 - Basic Presentation, Profile Superficial Anatomy Synopsis, Recommended Reading (5 Mins.)
Please Read:
  • Please be aware there is occasional environmental background noise due to live audio recording during parts of the sculpting process. It has been removed as much as possible.
  • Small sections of the sculpting process are sped up to help save viewing time.
  • Please be sure you are able to comfortably hear the instructors voice in the preview video shown before purchasing.

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