Quixel SUITE 2.2 Win64

Quixel SUITE 2.2 Win64

Quixel’s immensely popular NDO and DDO have been completely reimagined, bringing faster texturing experiences than ever. 3DO, a new previewer included with all tools for free, throws physically based rendering into the mix.

NDO is the definitive normal mapping tool that turns Photoshop into a complete toolkit for surface details. Every tool in Photoshop can be utilized to sculpt normals in real time. Build non-destructive hard surface designs, extract rich normals from photographs with unrivaled definition, and instantly view every tweak in 3DO.
3DO is a model and material previewer directly connected to Photoshop, enabling review of your work without needing to utilize different applications. 3DO supports 1-1 previewing of any calibration profile, enabling pixel-perfect representation of your model like it would appear in the chosen profile. With a customizable cinematic post-processor, support for loading your own multi-material meshes, and support for animation and video output, what you see is truly what you get. 3DO comes bundled for free with NDO and DDO.
DDO completely optimizes Photoshop for rapid creation of PBR-accurate textures. The workflow is fast, easy to learn, and adaptable to any art style. Create unrivaled results, at unlimited resolutions, with the world’s first fully scan-based PBR tool.

Changelog :
This is a major stability and content upgrade with new high-res fabric and leather scans, workflow & UI improvements and a TON of fixes and improvements thanks to the awesome community

– Bunch of new Megascans fabrics and leathers
– Upgraded all Iron, Steel and Wood materials
– Added 16 bit support for Material Creator
– Native file dialogs added for 3DO
– Persistent window location for all Suite tools
– Added backwards compatibility feature for converting 1.x projects to 2.x
– All 3DO sliders now have input fields
– Added Shortcut ‘V’ for showing color picker
– Added Brush Size overlay when using shortcuts to adjust Brush Size
– Improved Custom Grunge Mask importer
– Increased Emission Intensity range
– TurnTable now respects MeshCentric property
– Improved Contrast and Saturation post-process effect
– Improved Smart Material thumbnails
– Fixed: NDO not connecting with 3DO in special cases
– Fixed: Smart Material saving bugs
– Fixed: Custom 2D masks breaking Smart Materials and the Reimporter
– Fixed: Color Map shader persisting if ‘C’ was held while assigning material
– Fixed: Other map would get selected after changing scale
– Fixed: Material Creator would ignore certain custom values
– Fixed: Brush crosshair would persist after exiting paint mode
– Fixed: Shift+Click painting strokes when camera is moved in between a stroke
– Fixed: Creating/editing a paint layer would not run 3DO in paint mode if closed
– Fixed: Mesh reimporter error mistakenly reporting a change in mesh group names
– Fixed: Entering text in TextBoxes would also trigger tab switching in DDO
– Fixed: A meshgroup named “Plane” would not function correctly with 3D painter
– Fixed: Camera-aligned brush could be passed through if zoomed too much
– Fixed: UI visibility issues
– Fixed: 3DO not getting live-update on DDO changes
– Fixed: Masks getting darker each time paint mode is entered/exited
– Fixed: MeshCentric not working when rotating lights
– Fixed: Soft brush strokes sometimes showing artifacts in mask shader view
– Fixed: Dropdowns not closing when clicking the dropdown icon
– Fixed: Lens sparkles with Physical Camera post-process effect
– Fixed: None (Default) ID Preset would not be selected by default
– Fixed: Cross-app mode crashing when editing material
– Fixed: Color picker wouldn’t show correctly if 3DO window is resized
– Fixed: Paint strokes with B+Shift+LeftClick when light is moved in between strokes

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