Unity 5 RPG Character Stats and Item Attributes System

Unity 5 RPG Character Stats and Item Attributes System

In this course you will learn how to build a system to add attributes, and modifier to game characters, weapons and gear items.
Why would you want to learn how to build this? Because it creates engaging games where players get to explore worlds, find items and weapons to make their character stronger, and get to fight enemies and powerful bosses that
drop loot when defeated. By the way some of the most common attributes are health points, strength, dexterity, intelligence, spell damage, and attack speed.
This course can be taken by anyone even if you’ve got no programming skills.

This course is meant for non-artists, meaning you don’t have to be an artist

to be able to use 3D pixel art graphics since this course provides all the

necessary assets for you. The only tool we use in this course is Unity 3D, and

the video lectures, so you can’t possibly miss a step, and it’s a lot more fun that reading documentation

with a 3D pixel character, fully animated for medieval fantastic combat, and lots of weapons and gear items to equip, that’s a value over $400 dollars that

professional video games and they can be applied to all your future projects.

Create user interface for character attributes such as strength,

intelligence, stamina, health point, damage, and magic spell damage.
Create the user interface for item attributes such as swords, magic orbs,

shields, shoulderplates, helmets and more.
Program the logic to equip item that have special attributes that increase

your player stats.
Get better at program good code in c# for Unity

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