Beginners Guide To Modeling With Maya

Beginners Guide To Modeling With Maya

Learn the tips and tricks of Modeling using Maya

Autodesk Maya, also known as Maya 3D for short, is a powerful 3D animation software that provides animators and VFX specialists with tools to create 3D models and add animation to it. Maya has become a prominent player in the animation and graphics segment, with a lot of designers using Maya as their go to tool for creation.

Maya was designed by Alias Research in collaboration with Walt Disney Feature Animation, and has been used extensively for creating graphics and animation for many movies and games. As a standard for 3D animation, Maya is a definite must for anyone who is looking to enter the lucrative world of VFX, animation and graphics.

If you want to become a paid professional animator, then look no further than this course. This in-depth Maya course has been meticulously designed for newbies to become familiar with the Maya workspace and UI. This means, you don’t need any prior experience with Maya!

The tutorial has been created with no technical jargons and will help you get a core understanding of Maya, its primary tools and its user interface.

The instructor will break down the basic tools that you require to design in Maya as well as give you a tour of the raw interface and how it works. You will learn different features including viewports, modeling, creating and transforming objects, saving projects, and so on.

After you are acquainted with Maya, you will then learn how to start translating 2D sketches into 3D animation from scratch. You will build a 3D excavator and also add minute details to your design.

At the end of this Maya tutorial, you will be not only comfortable with Maya modeling and its UI, but also be able to build your own small projects.

Let’s take your first step into the land of 3D! What are you waiting for?

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