Cinema 4D Plugins VertexNormal103 and FrostSoft PixelBerg 1.9

Cinema 4D Plugins VertexNormal103 and FrostSoft PixelBerg 1.9

FrostSoft PixelBerg 1.9 for Cinema 4D R16 – R18

PixelBerg brings realtime physical based rendering to the C4D viewport and hardware render whilst also supporting lighting fast output with C4D standard render engine. Pixelberg whilst aimed mainly at the realtime artist is
flexable enough to be used on a variety of projects. It uses any GPU+CPU for rendering.

This plugin for you if:
1) You love standart Cinema 4D render.
2) You don’t want to learn new tools for rendering.
3) You are tired of long rendering times.
4) You have AMD GPU. No available for public GPU render tools for Cinema 4D.
5) You want to render simple animations as fast as possible.
VNT is a plug-in for C4D which adds a tool for creating and manipulating vertex normals on polygon objects in C4d.
Virtually all other high-end 3d applications (3ds Max, Maya, …) support vertex normal editing and while c4d supports importing and rendering vertex normals it lacks any interface or tool for creating or editing them. VNT aims to address that problem by giving the artist full control over vertex normals.

Complete tool kit which adds the ability to really work with vertex normals on par with other high-end 3d software.
Easily add new vertex normal tags to objects while preserving any phong angles and edge breaks.
Easily update and manipulate vertex normals with the ability to perform all common tasks like flipping, averaging, normalizing, setting hard or soft edges by selection or angle, etc…
Built in functions for easily dealing with common vertex normals tricks.
Steal or target another meshes normals.

So if you need to edit an object normals for any reason like:
Removing or tweaking any shading artifacts,
Remove nasty shading seams between seperate objects,
Improve shading across certain edges,
Bend Normal for special purpose like alpha plane hair, trees , grass, clouds etc..
VNT can help you achieve the desired results and is an incrediably usefull adition to any artists toolbox.

C4D r15, r16 ,r17, r18
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