Tutsplus Learn to Code with Python

Tutsplus Learn to Code with Python
Tutsplus Learn to Code with Python
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Python is a powerful language that is easy to learn and
excels at many different types of computing. It is used to
run large, well-known websites. It is used to process log
files and make sense of their contents. It might even be
used to create some of your favorite games! Not only that,
but with a simple, expressive syntax, Python doesn't have
the gotchas and edge cases that make some other languages
hard to learn.
In this course, instructor Derek Jenson will help you to
learn to start coding with the Python language. You'll
start with the very basics to lay a solid foundation for
future learning. Then, you'll go deeper, learning more
advanced ways of manipulating data with commonly used data
structures. Later on, Derek will share some pointers with
you about how to get data in and out of files and even
store complex data structures in them. Finally, you'll
learn about some of Python's powerful built-in networking
features to write code that can talk to other computers on
the internet.
Let's not wait any longer! Time to dive in.
You can build on your knowledge of Python by watching Crawl
the Web With Python. If you like the elegance of the Python
programming language, Django is the web framework for you!
Learn Django in our course: Getting Started With Django.

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