iToo Forest Pack PRO 5.2 For 3ds Max 2010-2017

iToo Forest Pack PRO 5.2 For 3ds Max 2010-2017

Forest Pack is a plugin for Autodesk 3ds Max, and 3ds Max Design, designed to give a complete solution for creation of vast surfaces of trees and plants.

Forest enables you to scatter millions of proxies, high-poly meshes or billboards, and using custom geometry shaders, create scenes with virtually unlimited number of objects and polygons.

Architectural Visualization
Forest Pack offers unprecedented power, speed, and flexibility to create landscapes that look great and render fast. Create scenes that can be viewed from any angle and minimise the need for time-consuming post-production.

Visual Effects, Forest Pack
Visual Effects
Forest Pack has unrivalled animation features. Use animated meshes and proxies then randomise their time offset, or drive playback using maps to provide even more ways to create jaw-dropping VFX for film, animation, TV, and motion graphics projects.

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Forest Pack
Architecture, Engineering, Construction
Forest Pack fits perfectly into interactive design processes. Scatters are fully parametric so making changes is fast and easy – which means less time spent updating scenes, and more time spent designing.
Forum users all reporting as working fine so if you have issues it’s a local problem. screen shots of it working on max 2017 and 2014 have been posted on forum.

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