TypeScript, Node, ES6 and Postgres - CREATE ZERO PROJECTS!

TypeScript, Node, ES6 and Postgres - CREATE ZERO PROJECTS!

TypeScript, Node, ES6 and Postgres - CREATE ZERO PROJECTS!
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Learn how to create a complete REST / RESTful API using TypeScript, Node, ES6, Sequelize, Postgres, Express, and ZERO JWT!

What you'll learn

Develop web solutions with confidence using ES6, TypeScript and Node
Create a RESTful API integrated with PostgreSQL and Sequelize database
Implement authentication mechanisms in APIs using JWT
Use Express framework, NPM package manager, NodeJS and others
Use libraries such as bluebird, http-status, bcrypt etc to enhance the development experience.
Ensure the integrity and functionality of your code through automated testing.
Generate code coverage reports
Automate Tasks Using Gulp
The refactoring concept and its practical application
Run your applications on seamlessly integrated external servers


jаvascript Basics
Knowledge of some other programming language like C #, Java or jаvascript.
Programming logic


If you are looking to learn how to develop web applications using the latest technologies, best practices and fully hands-on, then this course is for you!

What will you learn in this course?

In this course you will learn what TypeScript is and understand its features and how to use them. This course will guide you from quickly and objectively approached theoretical concepts to the practical application of these concepts, and you will be able to use not only TypeScript in any of your projects, but also the application developed in practical design as a starting point for future projects. , that is, by the end of this course you will have developed a RESTful API with user registration and authentication, simply implementing new functionality and testing as needed.

Still wondering whether or not to enroll in the course? See some testimonials of those who are already taking the course!

"This course covers everything you will need to develop a REST API using TypeScript. The author explains in detail all CRUD operations, Authentication using BCRYPT + Passport + JWT, Unit and Integration Testing, Code Coverage, Automation using Gulp and other topics. The course also addresses the use of the Postgres Relational Database and TDD The content of the topics covered is vast and the complex topics are easily understood The practical project developed throughout the course resembles the real life programming and experience gained can be used in professional projects.The content is constantly updated and the libraries used are the newest.The best part, the author is always eager to help and answers the questions quickly.I strongly recommend this course."

"Very good, worth every penny invested."

"Excellent course in meeting the REST and Node.js standard for developing an API."

"Content very well explained and updated."

Through the TypeScript Course in Practice, you will also learn, through a hands-on project to develop a TypeScript REST API, Node.js with Express using the new ES6 features and make it communicate with the PostgreSQL relational database. , model data using ORM Sequelize and ensure application security through token authentication using Passport JWT and also ensure that the application behaves as expected through automated testing. You will also learn how to automate tasks using Gulp and build on a seamless integration server, TravisCI.

Take a look at some topics you will learn:



Asynchronous Programming




JWT (JSON Web Token) Authentication



Code Coverage with nyc

Object orientation

Functional Programming

Task Automation using Gulp

Continuous Integration

Among others...

In addition to all the past content and practical project development, you will go through fixation exercises where you can reinforce learning.

By enrolling in this course, you will have access to all future updates and new modules to come! In addition to all support in your questions and problems.

A little about TypeScript

TypeScript was designed so that developers could write jаvascript code in the same way as some other languages ​​due to Object Orientation. It is noteworthy that TypeScript is not a substitute for jаvascript but rather a superset and thus offers us some features that are not native to jаvascript such as defined data types, object orientation, etc. Another nice feature of TypeScript is that it gives us instant feedback on the code we are writing to point out syntax errors during the development process and thus have more productivity.

Who is this course for:

Developers looking to improve their web development skills

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