Learn Photoshop from Zero to HeroAll in One Edition

Learn Photoshop from Zero to HeroAll in One  Edition

Learn Photoshop from Zero to Hero|All in One Edition
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Duration: 9 hours | Genre: eLearning Video | Language: English
Best Photoshop Training-Become a Professional Editor in Photoshop without any Experience.Easy videos with good examples.

What you'll learn

Students will learn about the total structure of Photoshop
You will definitely lose the Photoshop fear
All basic tools and practical uses.
Cleanup face, contour makeup, applying lip-stick, Removing dark under eyes, Changing eye colour.
You will learn to mask including masking text,Making any screen, Masking using Pen tool etc.
You will learn what is blend if and make awesome effects using blend if just like hiding sun inside sky or keeping objects,text inside sky .
You will learn to keep a person inside car,to make fake sun shine in an image etc.
Completely scan a signature from an image.
This course also comprises to make different photo effects initially I will teach you to make a comic illustration effect to images.
In this course you will learn to make a colour pencil sketch effect.
Mastering in all transform options like perspective,wrap,skew,distort etc.
We are covering all the 27 blending modes including Normal,Dissolve,Darken,Multiply,Colour burn,Linear burn,Darker colour
Lighten,Screen,Colour dodge,Linear dodge(add),Lighter colour,Overlay,Soft light,Hard light,Vivid light,Linear light,Pin light,Hard mix
And learning blending modes will develop your skills to think & work more about Photoshop.
Removing background of an image is really really challenging there is an inbuilt too available, so we are covering the background removing techniques.
In this course you will learn to use fill and content aware to fill blank spaces and change positions perfectly.
You will learn about puppet tool and adding simple stroke.
Poster designing. After completing blending modes and layer styles you will learn to design two awesome posters. It will benefit you to make any kind of poster from your mind.
This course is highly dedicated to teach you all the 10 layer styles or blending options with each single thing described,with examples
Drop shadow with making chair drop shadow example.
Outer Glow with neon glow effect example.
Pattern Overlay with change pattern of an object
Gradient overlay effect,Colour overlay,Satin,Inner glow,Inner shadow,stroke,
Bevel and emboss,contour,texture
You will learn about contour graphs and how it works.
You will learn to make text effects like simple glass text effects,3D text effect,Neon glow text effect, and a simple text effect
You will learn all the adjustment layers including 3 filling adjustment layers,brightness/contrast,levels,curves,exposure,vibrance,
Hue/saturation,colour balance,black white,photo filter,channel mixer,colour lookup,invert,posterize,threshold,gradient map,selective colour
After completing all the adjustments you will learn to colour correct an image,make different effects on an image etc.
You will learn what is opacity and fill
You will learn blending mode short cuts.
How fit images into canvas
Photoshop tips, tricks and shortcuts


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Hi friends I know Photoshop is always strange to newbies because it contains a lot of features. You may be confused to get started. How to start? where to start? what are the things we want to learn? and how to learn everything. Actually before I started making this course I just thought about these queries of a newbie. Also I just discussed with my friends, what are the problems I faced when I was a newbie, how I get started on Photoshop. Finally I mad some conclusions, I will teach you what I was needed in the beginning of Photoshop career.

We can start from Tools. We have 60+ tools available in Photoshop. Some of the tools are not used for simple editing or regular editing okay anyway we are covering

Photoshop tools & practical uses

27 Blending modes- Practical uses

Normal,Dissolve,Darken,Multiply,Colour burn,Linear burn,Darker colour

Lighten,Screen,Colour dodge,Linear dodge(add),Lighter colour

Overlay,Soft light,Hard light,Vivid light,Linear light,Pin light,Hard mix



Blending mode short cuts

Opacity Vs Fill

Making any photo into comic book illustration effect

Colour pencil sketch effect

Cleanup face

Contour makeup

Applying lipstick

Removing dark under eyes

Changing eye colour

Use fill and content aware tool

All 10 layer styles including Bevel and Emboss

Gradient overlay

Colour overlay


Inner glow

Inner shadow


Pattern overlay

Outer glow

Drop shadow.

Learn text designing like neon glow text effect

3D text effect

Simple text effect

Glass text effect

Poster designing- Classic orange colour and a simple war designing

Signature extraction from an image

How to fit images in the canvas

Laptop masking using pen tool

Masking mobile screen

Masking text

Keeping objects inside car using blend if and masking

Removing background

Describing some confusing icons and it's uses

Using blend if

Hiding objects inside sky

Making fake sun shine effect in an image using blend if

All 19 adjustments briefly described

Including solid colour adjustments

Pattern overlay

Gradient overlay


Colour correction adjustments- Levels and Curves


Hue saturation brief section 4 videos

Black and white

Channel mixer

Colour balance

Colour lookup


Invert & posterize

Photo filter

Selective colour

Threshold and Gradient Map

After completing the course you will lose the fear to handle the software because most of people think Photoshop is one of the hardest thing to learn but you will get a clear idea about the interface, each categories, drop down menus, effects, and eventually you can make miracles with Photoshop.

Who this course is for:

Newbies,Photoshop enthusiastic,students
People want to learn image editing, graphic designing
People want to learn new software and others

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