Mechanical Engineering - Sanitary Drainage System From A-Z

Mechanical Engineering - Sanitary Drainage System From  A-Z

Published 9/2022
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Learn basics of Sanitary Drainage System with examples and fittings description

What you'll learn
Define Sanitary drainage system
Define Sewage Types
Sewage Systems Definitions
Identify Building Drainage system
Define Sanitary Drainage Pipes
How to test the sanitary pipes
How to install pipes support
Sanitary pipes sizing
Identify Hydraulic jump
Floor drains definitions
Cleanouts definitions
Trench drain definitions
Inspection chamber and manholes explanation
Sump pit pump calculations
Slow down chamber definitions
Septic and holding tank definitions and calculations
No pre experience required
passion to learn !
Hi! Welcome to our course. If you are starting to study the MECHANICAL ENGINEERING industry, you are on the right course! This Course covers the Full Sanitary Drainage System. it will build your knowledge slowly until you reach the point that you can understand Sewage Types, Sewage Systems, Sanitary Drainage, Pipes Grease, Interceptor Inspection Chamber and Manholes, Slow Down Chamber, Sump Pit, and Sump Pump, Septic Tank and Holding Tank and MORE !!In this course you'll Study : Sewage TypesSewage SystemsTwo or Dual Pipe SystemOne Pipe SystemSingle Stack SystemImportant TermsSanitary Drainage PipesMaterial of PipesPVC – UPVC - CPVCHDPE - PEPipes ConnectionPipes TestsPiping SupportThe slope of Horizontal Drainage PipesSize of Drainage PipesDraw the network routingDrainage Fixture Unit CalculationIndicate the Pipe SizesImportant NotesHydraulic JumpCleanoutFloor DrainTrench DrainOil InterceptorGully TrapGrease InterceptorInspection Chamber and ManholesSlow Down ChamberSump Pit and Sump PumpSeptic Tank and Holding TankPlus that you'll gain more information about the Plumbing industry.Enroll Now and Welcome to EngineeringHub !!About UsHere at EngineeringHub, We coach engineering students and working professionals for better career opportunities. Our trainers have experience in teaching students and engineers. Our support team makes sure that you get your doubts clarified as soon as we receive them. We are on a mission to train Engineers in the most attractive and easiest way and make them comfortable with our courses. This Mechanical Engineering course is the second that we have launched and we intend to deliver almost all that an Engineer would require. So you can also post what next course would you like us to launch.
Section 1: Welcoming , Content & Introduction
Lecture 1 Welcoming
Lecture 2 Contents
Lecture 3 Introduction
Section 2: Seweage
Lecture 4 Sewage Types
Lecture 5 Sewage Systems
Lecture 6 Important Terms
Section 3: Drainange
Lecture 7 Drainage Trap
Lecture 8 Drainage Branch
Lecture 9 Building Drain
Lecture 10 Building Sewer
Section 4: Pipes
Lecture 11 Sanitary Drainage Pipes
Lecture 12 PVC Pipes
Lecture 13 HDPE Pipes
Lecture 14 Pipes Connection
Lecture 15 Pipes Test
Lecture 16 Pipes Supports
Lecture 17 Pipes Slope
Lecture 18 Pipes Sizing (1)
Lecture 19 Pipes Sizing (2)
Lecture 20 Important Notes
Section 5: Sewage Drainage Fittings
Lecture 21 Hydraulic Jump
Lecture 22 Cleanouts
Lecture 23 Floor Drains
Lecture 24 Trench Drain
Lecture 25 Oil Interceptor
Lecture 26 Gully Trap
Lecture 27 Grease Interceptor
Section 6: Inspection Chamber & Manholes
Lecture 28 Inspection Chamber & Manholes
Lecture 29 Inspection Chamber & Manholes Locations
Lecture 30 Inspection Chamber & Manholes Dimensions
Lecture 31 Inspection Chamber & Manholes Specifications
Lecture 32 Inspection Chamber & Manholes Distances
Lecture 33 Slow Down Chamber
Section 7: Sump Pit & Sump Pump
Lecture 34 Sump Pit & Sump Pump
Lecture 35 Sump Pump Flow Rate Calculation
Lecture 36 Sump Pit Volume Calculation
Lecture 37 Sump Pump Head Calculation
Section 8: Septic & Holding Tank
Lecture 38 Septic & Holding Tank
Lecture 39 Septic & Holding Tank Volume
Lecture 40 Septic & Holding Tank Notes
Section 9: Thank you
Lecture 41 Thank you.
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