Toddler Training 2022

Toddler Training  2022

Published 9/2022
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Develop knowledge about common surroundings in your neighborhood.

What you'll learn
Toddler Training tips and best practices
12 categories of program cycle
40+ all together sessions
Complete curriculum for a toddler
You will learn evereything you need as basics for training a toddler, no prerequisites
Toddler training program to develop knowledge about common surroundings in your neighborhood. We cover all walks of common surroundings. We have taken extreme caution in designing the course keeping in mind attention span of toddlers. We have included all possible common walks of life in this course to ensure that we cover the same for the audience and at the same time do not stretch the contents beyond the visibility and immediate need of a toddler. We start with manners which includes being Kind, polite and respect for others for a toddler. After discussing about golden words - please, thank you and sorry we will walk the toddler through the number section from 1 to 10. Then we will touch base with alphabets covering all of them. Along with the same we would discuss about phonetic sounds of the alphabets as well. Then we will talk on colors namely orange, blue, red, white, black and green. Post the same we will walk through food- fruits and vegetables, junk and healthy food as-well. Then comes session on community helpers which will include doctor, teacher, police and fire services. Then the festivals of joy for religions , Christianity, Hinduism and Muslim. Finally its turn for animals which will include domestic , wild, water animals and birds. We wish you all a happy learning.
Section 1: Course 1
Lecture 1 Good Manners
Lecture 2 Politeness
Lecture 3 Respect Elders
Lecture 4 Golden Words
Section 2: Course 2
Lecture 5 Numbers 1 to 5
Lecture 6 Numbers 6 to 10
Section 3: Course 3
Lecture 7 Alphabets A to F
Lecture 8 Alphabets G to L
Lecture 9 Alphabets M to R
Lecture 10 Alphabets S to Z
Lecture 11 Phonetic sound A to F
Lecture 12 Phonetic sound G to L
Lecture 13 Phonetic sound M to R
Lecture 14 Phonetic sound S to Z
Section 4: Course 4
Lecture 15 Black Color
Lecture 16 Colours White
Lecture 17 Colours Blue
Lecture 18 Colours Red
Lecture 19 Colours Green
Lecture 20 Colours Orange
Section 5: Course 5
Lecture 21 Fruits
Lecture 22 Vegetables
Lecture 23 Healthy Food
Lecture 24 Junk Food
Section 6: Course 6
Lecture 25 Community Helpers - Doctor
Lecture 26 Community Helpers - Teacher
Lecture 27 Community Helpers - Police
Lecture 28 Community Helpers - Fire Service
Section 7: Course 7
Lecture 29 Christmas
Lecture 30 Diwali
Lecture 31 Ramzan
Section 8: Course 8
Lecture 32 Domestic Animals
Lecture 33 Wild Animals
Lecture 34 Water Animals
Lecture 35 Birds
Everyone who has interaction with a toddler

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