A Complete Guide To Morphing In Adobe After Effects

A Complete Guide To Morphing In Adobe After  Effects

Published 9/2022
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Master how a shape morphs in adobe after effects

What you'll learn
Complete understanding of how to morph a shape to another
Understanding types of morphing
Understanding the principles of animation
Understanding MatchCuts in after effects
Basic knowledge of after effects such as how to set a keyframe or working with layers
Hello and welcome to this course. In this course, I will teach you how to morph one shape into another. So you might ask, what is morphing? Morphing is an effect which sees one shape or object transform into another in a seamless transition.They are two ways to morph a shape, and we will learn them during this course. At first, we will learn the fundamentals of morphing, and then we will morph a phone to a PC. We will learn how to build a strong rig first. And then we will work on the transition between the phone and the pc. We will fix the common issues that you might face during this course . We will learn how to create secondary animations for our characters. How to give our animation a good feeling . we will learn how to create smooth moves during the transitions with the help of graph editor.This course is good for users who already have a basic knowledge of aftereffects. what I mean is that you should atleast be able to set a keyframe or work with layers in order to understand this course better. but don't worry I have covered the basics as much as I could. so even if you are new you won't be facing any problems.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: The basics of morphing
Lecture 2 The basics of morphing
Section 3: Morphing a phone to a pc
Lecture 3 Let's create a rig for our design
Lecture 4 Morphing a phone to a pc
Lecture 5 Fixing the eyes issues
Lecture 6 Stand and rolling eyes
Lecture 7 Final touches
This course is suitable for any level

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