Build Your Own Business Kid

Build Your Own Business  Kid

Published 9/2022
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Teach parents how to empower their kids to learn a vast range of skills through running their own little business

What you'll learn
Find out why this course is targeted at parents or caregivers rather than children. Kids will follow your lead.
Find out what type of environment caregivers need to provide to support and encourage the construction of a Business Kid
Learn the practical skills of starting and managing a small business.
Find out about the skills and knowledge your business kid can develop from running their own small business.
Learn the importance of communication, confidence, creativity, reliability, accountability, initiative and ingenuity.
See the steps of going from a kid with a little business to a business savvy young adult with financial intelligence , leadership skills and confidence.
Discover how running a little business as a kid, grows and fosters skills that will last them a life time
Students just need an open mind and enthusiasm.
This course is designed to show parents and caregivers how to provide a specific type of environment that will result in their business kids not only learning a huge range of skills and gaining knowledge, but also to help our kids become independent, forward thinking, creative adults. Within the course we cover how children develop good communication skills, confidence and creative thinking processes. These are just a few of the benefits highlighted in the course. Kids are always coming up with ideas and goals that may sound outlandish and fantastic. But what really stops these ideas from getting off the ground? It is often things like 'it will take too much time', 'its too hard', its unrealistic' or simply 'we don't know how'. This course shows you how to go from a child's fantastical dream to growing that idea into something real. It may not necessarily be the outcome but the process of exploring ideas that is the most valuable part. One of the main focuses of this course is to identify all of the valuable skills that are learnt through the process and how they come together to form an amazing little business kid or an entrepreneur of tomorrow.Modules include How to Start, Equipment, Customers, Admin & Accounting, Partnerships & Staff, Advertising & Promotion, Pricing, Negotiation & Damage Control, Ideal Environments & Other Business Options, Cash Management, Parent Bonuses & Other Benefits and a Recap module as a refresher at the end. Also included is a Blooper reel, just so everyone knows we are real people. This is a course that can be completed by both adults and children but as we say in the opening video "Parents! if you drive this thing, Kids will Follow!'
Section 1: Preview Video
Lecture 1 Promo Video
Section 2: Overview of the BYOBK training program
Lecture 2 Overview of the BYOBK training program main video
Section 3: Introduction video
Lecture 3 Introduction main video
Section 4: How to Start
Lecture 4 How to start Main video
Section 5: Equipment
Lecture 5 Equipment Introduction
Lecture 6 Equipment
Section 6: Customers
Lecture 7 Customers Introduction
Lecture 8 Customers Main video
Section 7: Admin & Accounting
Lecture 9 Admin & Accounting Introduction
Lecture 10 Admin & Accounting main video
Section 8: Partnerships & Staff
Lecture 11 Partnerships & Staff Introduction
Lecture 12 Partnerships & Staff Main video
Section 9: Advertising & Promotion
Lecture 13 Advertising & Promotion Introduction
Lecture 14 Advertising & Promotion Main Video
Section 10: Pricing, Negotiation & Damage Control
Lecture 15 Pricing, Negotiation & Damage Control Introduction
Lecture 16 Pricing, Negotiation & Damage Control Main Video
Section 11: Ideal Environments & Other Business Options
Lecture 17 Ideal Environments & Other Business Options Introduction
Lecture 18 Ideal Environments & Other Business Options Main video
Section 12: Cash Management
Lecture 19 Cash Management Introduction
Lecture 20 Cash Management Main video
Section 13: Parent Rewards & Other Benefits
Lecture 21 Parent Rewards & Other Benefits Introduction
Lecture 22 Parent Rewards & Other Benefits Main video
Section 14: Course Recap
Lecture 23 Recap Main Video
Section 15: Blooper Reel
Lecture 24 Blooper Reel
This course is targeted at parents or caregivers of children aged between 8 - 18 years old

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