The Complete Military Course For Krav Maga - Idf Instructors

The Complete Military Course For Krav Maga - Idf  Instructors

Published 9/2022
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Krav Maga videos by Israeli krav maga instructor! basic 1

What you'll learn
The Complete Course For military Krav Maga will teach you Real Tough krav maga from IDF instructors
GUN Disarms - reality based • With ITAY GIL from the Yamam • (commerical Krav maga will not like this!)
GUN VS KNIFE • combat at zero • defend against a knife attack
What to do if Someone Grabs Your Rifle? • weapon retention • IDF krav maga Technique
Teach you how to become a warrior and not a worrier
There is no any requirement for this Course. Just the will to learn and love Martial Arts and Self Defence.
In this course you will learn the basic of israeli military krav maga. Gun vs knife defence, what to do if someone grabs your rifle, some of the videos will take you to a Rifle striking techniques in CQB, we will also show you the basic pistol shooting stance, grab disarms based on reality and a an Interview with Israel's national counter Terror unit.Such as:1. muzzle strike 2.buttstock strike 3. muzzle from the size 4.magazine strikeAlso we will explain why would i use a weapon as a cold weapon? 1. i am suprised by attacker from a close range 2. i have a jam 3. i have civilianes around me 4. help a friend eplanion about the rifle sling in strikingThe training method, the practice and the Krav Maga itself are different in the army and civilian life. I will continue in detail by explaining the difference so that it is more understandable and state positive and negative things about the differences. Remember that you can always combine the positive sides of military and civilian Krav Maga.The basic triangle of Krav Maga - 1. Technique 2. Speed reaction 3. Aggressiveness-Technique- In the military Krav maga, less emphasis is placed on technique due to the lack of time and the short training of the fighters.However they focus a lot on aggressive and fast reaction training. The thing build as scenarios that simulate a real situation in life (both civilian and military real situation). In Civilian krav instructors focus more on technique and than they have a luck of aggressiveness and taugh fighitng skills. This is because They are afrain of injuries and don't have the needed protection gear.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 GUN Disarms - reality based •
Lecture 2 GUN VS KNIFE | defend against a knife attack
Lecture 3 HOW TO STRIKE WITH YOUR RIFLE? • The israeli way •
Lecture 4 What to do if Someone Grabs Your Rifle? • weapon retention
Lecture 5 Israel's National Counter Terror Unit • Interview with Itay Gil from the Yamam
Lecture 6 IDF Pistol Shooting Stance in 3.5 Minutes • Grip Fundamentals • YAMAM
This course is for everybody, everybody that wants to know how to defend himself and their loved ones, should take this course.,Every one whowants to know Military Krav Maga straight from IDF instructors - must take this course.,Any Krav Maga practitioner regardless of the Federetion or School that is practicing who want to have a solid foundation in Krav Maga.,Any Martial Art Practitioner who want to learn the self defence point of view and put in new techniques in his quiver.,Any Krav Maga instructor that needs to remember and see all the key points and the details for a technique and have all the Curriculum in his mobile phone.,Any General Martial Arts Instructor that want to know the new highly expanding and growing self defence system and put it in their class new things.

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