Everdo Pro 1.8.5

Everdo Pro  1.8.5

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Take control of your work and life with Everdo - a cross-platform to-do and GTD app with focus on power and privacy.

Built for GTD (Getting Things Done)
Powerful features
Clean and nice design
Desktop and mobile apps, offline-first
Supports Linux, MacOS, Windows, Android, iOS
Strong privacy approach
Easy to use and low friction
Active development and improvement
What Makes Everdo Special?
Built specifically for GTD
GTD (Getting Things Done) by David Allen is a proven method for productivity. Everdo was designed to make getting things done easy and sustainable. It has all the tools needed to follow the method, such as projects, next actions, contexts, time and energy labels, areas, and more.
Clean and beautiful design
We believe that using your productivity tools should be pleasant, otherwise it woudln't be sustainable. This makes UI design a high priority. We have spent countless hours to ensure that we provide all the features you need in a beautiful way, without clutter and distraction.
Low-friction user experience
When you are in the flow, every second counts. A to-do app should not get in the way. We have developed features to add and manage actions quickly with as few click as possible. We strive to eliminate difficult interactions and facilitate keyboard-based workflows.
Data privacy and ownership
We realize that you tasks and projects are the most valuable and sensitive personal information. This is why Everdo is designed to keep your data on your device and provides an optional end-to-end encrypted sync service for online syncing.
Offline-first standalone apps
You shouldn't depend on an internet connection or a web browser or a cloud server for something as fundamental as managing your tasks. Everdo is always available on your devices, no matter where you are.
Everdo does not lock you into one OS or platform. It works on Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS. You'll never have to move to a different app just because you got a computer with a different operating system.
Flexible sync options
For maximum privacy Everdo lets you sync your devices over the local network without depending on any sync service. Optionally, there is an end-to-end encrypted sync service, making sync completely seamless, while ensuring that your data is never stored in a readable form outside of your device.


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