Onshape Cad Essential Training Course

Onshape Cad Essential Training Course
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Published 3/2023
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sketches, 3d modeling, surfaces, sheet metals, assemblies, drafting

Free Download What you'll learn
How to use the fantastic Computer Aided Design (CAD) software Onshape!
Hands on experience using Onshape with exercises and projects
Creation of 2D Engineering Technical Drawings
The general principles behind CAD
Generation of 3D models
mportant symbols and features of professional detail and assembly drawings
Just to know any cad software and have a student account on onshape online.
just be passionate with cad cam systems
Onshape softwareOnshape is a CAD software. It allows to create 3D models based on sketches. Onshape offers a free open source solution for individuals with hobby version. Indeed, it is possible to model directly online with this version. The program is also aimed at companies with a professional version that offers even more advanced features such as realistic renderings. The software offers many features to create parts for 3D printing or to create 3D models. Start with sketches, master constraints, apply different features on sketches to convert any ideas to 3D models. It is also possible to create assemblies or to introduce models on pages.Advantages to use this software- Online tool on browser- Ergonomic interface for beginners- Powerful sketching system- Effective modeling tools- Advanced work with surfaces- Creation of assemblies- Creation of a drawing to present a 3D model- For creating parts for 3D printing- For 3D modelingTraining courseIn this course you will learn how to use Onshape to create your 3D models, Assemblies and drafting . We will use the student version of Onshape for personal use. Step by step, you will learn to master the software perfectly. Start with the dashboard, master navigation, manage sketches, add constraints, surfaces, sheet metals tool, basic assemblies mates and drawing tools. All design tools are explained in details. You will also see how to create create sheet metal parts, create an assembly, and drawing. At the end of the training, many exercises will allow you to apply the different features. At the end of the course, you will be able to perfectly master the student version of Onshape.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Lecture 2 understanding interface
Section 2: Sketch
Lecture 3 Line tool
Lecture 4 circle and ellipes
Lecture 5 rectangle
Lecture 6 use tool, convert entities
Lecture 7 polygon tool
Lecture 8 splines
Lecture 9 point and text
Lecture 10 construction sketch
Lecture 11 understanding arcs
Lecture 12 sketch fillet, trim , extend, split
Lecture 13 offset and slot
Lecture 14 transformation tool
Lecture 15 linear pattern
Lecture 16 circular pattern
Lecture 17 mirror tool
Lecture 18 understanding constraints
Lecture 19 dimension tool
Section 3: 3D Modeling
Lecture 20 extrude
Lecture 21 revolve
Lecture 22 sweep
Lecture 23 datum planes
Lecture 24 draft and shell
Lecture 25 rib feature
Lecture 26 union
Lecture 27 wrap feature
Lecture 28 split tool
Lecture 29 linear pattern
Lecture 30 loft and thicken
Lecture 31 mirror
Lecture 32 understanding the datum planes
Lecture 33 transformation tool
Lecture 34 rulled surface
Lecture 35 projected curve
Lecture 36 offset surface
Lecture 37 move boundry
Lecture 38 modify fillet, move and delete face
Lecture 39 circular pattern
Lecture 40 fillet and chamfer
Lecture 41 helix feature
Lecture 42 fill surface
Lecture 43 3d fit spline
Lecture 44 boundry surface
Lecture 45 curve pattern
Lecture 46 hole and external thread
Lecture 47 delete feature
Lecture 48 convert to sheet metal ,section view
Section 4: Sheet metal
Lecture 49 sheet metal portion
Section 5: Basics of Assemblies
Lecture 50 onshape assemblies
Section 6: Drafting
Lecture 51 the basics of complete 2d drawing
Beginners,Engineering students,product design students,additive manufacturers,3d modelers,cad design users


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