Tableau for Beginners Master Data Visualization

Tableau for Beginners Master Data Visualization
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Published 6/2023
Created by Ayoade Adegbite
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Unlock the Power of Data Visualization with Tableau - From Beginner to Pro!
What you'll learn
The fundamentals of Tableau and its applications in data visualization.
How to navigate the Tableau interface and configure settings.
Building a variety of basic and advanced visualizations such as bar charts, line charts, scatter plots, maps, heat maps, treemaps, and more.
Creating interactive dashboards with filters and interactivity.
Storytelling with data by creating data narratives and adding annotations.
Sharing and collaboration features in Tableau, including publishing to Tableau Server or Tableau Public.
Exporting and embedding Tableau visualizations in other applications.
Computer Skills: Basic computer literacy, including proficiency in operating a computer, navigating the file system, and installing software.
Tableau Software: Students should have access to Tableau software. The course will provide guidance on downloading and installing Tableau Desktop, the main software used throughout the course. A trial version or a licensed copy of Tableau Desktop can be used.
Data Sources: It is helpful to have access to various data sources such as spreadsheets (e.g., Excel) or databases (e.g., SQL). However, sample datasets will be provided throughout the course, so having real data sources is not mandatory.
The Tableau for Beginners: Master Data Visualization course is a comprehensive and detailed program designed to provide individuals with little to no prior experience with Tableau the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively utilize this powerful data visualization and business intelligence tool.Throughout this course, participants will embark on a hands-on learning journey, guided by step-by-step tutorials, practical exercises, and real-world examples. The course begins by introducing students to the Tableau interface, helping them become familiar with its features and functionalities.One of the primary focuses of the course is teaching participants how to connect Tableau to diverse data sources. Students will gain proficiency in importing data from various file formats, including Excel spreadsheets, CSV files, and databases. They will learn how to navigate Tableau's data types and roles, allowing them to properly manipulate and analyze the imported data.The Tableau for Beginners: Master Data Visualization course culminates in a final project, where students can apply their newly acquired skills to a real-world scenario. This project provides an opportunity to showcase the knowledge gained throughout the course and present a polished and insightful data visualization.By the end of the course, participants will have a solid foundation in Tableau and will be proficient in creating visually compelling and informative data visualizations and dashboards. They will possess the confidence and skills necessary to explore and present data effectively, making informed decisions and conveying insights in a clear and impactful manner.
Who this course is for
Beginners: Individuals who are new to Tableau and data visualization and want to acquire a solid foundation in using Tableau for creating compelling visualizations and dashboards.
Data Analysts: Data analysts who want to enhance their data visualization skills and leverage Tableau's capabilities to present data in a more impactful and interactive way.
Business Professionals: Business professionals who work with data and want to learn how to analyze and present it effectively using Tableau. This includes professionals from fields such as marketing, finance, operations, and human resources.
Data Enthusiasts: Individuals who have a passion for data and want to explore Tableau as a tool for exploring and visualizing data in a dynamic and engaging manner.
Students and Researchers: Students and researchers who need to analyze and present data as part of their academic or research projects can benefit from learning Tableau to create visually appealing and informative visualizations.
Anyone Seeking Career Advancement: Individuals who want to enhance their job prospects and career advancement opportunities in roles related to data analysis, business intelligence, data visualization, or data-driven decision making.

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