Walking Bassics – Beginners Guide To Walkling Basslines

Walking Bassics – Beginners Guide To Walkling Basslines
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Published 9/2023
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Dive into Walking Basslines: What they are, how to play them, all the while exploring their rich variations.

What you'll learn
Grasp the foundational concepts of walking basslines and their role in shaping the rhythm and melody of a song.
Develop hands-on proficiency in playing basslines through 27 targeted exercises, tailored for gradual skill acquisition.
Dive deep into variations of walking basslines, understanding how to leverage scalar techniques and arpeggios to enhance musical depth.
Cultivate the ability to create and modify your own basslines, paving the way for a personalised touch in your musical endeavours.
Beginner/intermediate bass playing and knowledge of scales.
Jazz: it's more than just music; it's an emotion. And at its core? The hypnotic sway of walking basslines. If you're new to the world of bass and itching to decode this rhythmic enigma, Walking Bassics is your starting line.This course consists of 27 exercises designed exclusively for beginners, ensuring each concept is untangled, focused around the 2,5,1,6 4 chord progression — a frequent star of many jazz standards.We'll start by getting to grips with straightforward basslines anchored on the root notes. As you grow more confident, we'll introduce you to variations, inviting you to experiment with starting on the third, fifth, or seventh and even dabble with the finesse of chromatics and passing notes.Beyond the initial steps, we'll walk you through the Scalar approach and the world of arpeggios. By providing a step-by-step guide, we ensure you're well-equipped to piece together your very own 8-bar bassline — a culmination of all you've learned.Walking Bassics is your invitation to the rich tapestry of jazz bass. By the end of this journey, you won't just understand walking basslines; you'll be on your way to mastering them, all in your own style.Ready to kickstart your bass journey with a jazz-infused twist? Enrol in Walking Bassics and let the bass lead the way.
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction
Section 2: Course
Lecture 2 Exercise 1 - Roots
Lecture 3 Exercise 2 - Scales
Lecture 4 Exercise 3 - Fifths
Lecture 5 Exercise 4 - Thirds
Lecture 6 Exercise 5 & 6 - Chromatics
Lecture 7 Exercise 7 & 8 - Variations on Roots, Scales, Fifths, Thirds & Chromatics
Lecture 8 Exercise 9 & 10 - Adding Seconds
Lecture 9 Exercise 11 & 12 - Passing Notes
Lecture 10 Exercise 13, 14, 15 & 16 - Roots, Seconds, Thirds & Chromatics Continued...
Lecture 11 Exercise 17 & 18 - Up the Octave
Lecture 12 Exercise 19 & 20 - Up the Octave Continued... + Starting on a Third
Lecture 13 Exercise 21 & 22 - Starting on a Fifth & Seventh
Lecture 14 Exercise 23 - Arpeggios
Lecture 15 Exercise 24 - Four Notes. Four Beats.
Lecture 16 Exercise 25 - The Scalar Approach
Lecture 17 Exercise 26 - Adding Scale Notes Outside of the Key
Lecture 18 Exercise 27 - Putting it all Together
Section 3: Summery
Lecture 19 Summary
Beginner/intermediate bass guitar players who would like to learn how to play walking basslines.

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